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10 things only a backpacker would understand

You’re a rare breed backpacker. You experience a whole heap of things that many people will never come across in their LIVES… goon hangovers, questionable street food and the god damn usefulness of a travel towel. But we’re with you, we know how you feel, we’ve experienced them too and put together a useless BRILLIANT […]

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10 unglamourous secrets about travelling

We’ve all read dozens of blogs with dos and don’ts, tips and tricks, must-sees and must-definitely-not-sees… If there’s one thing that I’ve learned during my travels, it’s this: nobody’s perfect! Even the most experienced traveller occasionally screws up. I jotted down ten not so glamourous things about travel that you won’t read about in most […]

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8 reasons to travel with a conscience

Travelling is awesome we all know that. But what makes it EVEN better, is giving something back to the country you’re falling in love with. Whether it’s working with animals or teaching children, travelling with a conscience strengthens your skills, gives you a deeper understanding of your destination, helps those in need and oh yeah, […]

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7 ways to beat loneliness on your solo travels!

Many people believe that solo travellers are really good at being alone. Loneliness doesn’t seem to bother them that much. Well, take it from this solo traveller, that’s not true! Travelling solo does not necessarily mean that you’re immune to feeling lonely. Many solo travellers just use the many tools that are available in this modern world […]

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Discovering Asia on a backpacker budget

  Asia is hot among backpackers, and there’s a reason why! It is the place to be if you are looking for breath-taking nature, stunning beaches, exciting adventures and delicious food without paying a fortune. If you travel wisely, you might end up spending less money than you would have spent just staying back at […]

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Why you don’t need the lottery to travel.

“I could certainly become a full-time traveller now!” These wise words were spoken by an anonymous Melbourne man who won 20 million dollars in a lottery in August 2016. True that, Mr anonymous Melbourne man! Just imagine what you could do with all that money… Hire a private jet (handsome pilot included!) and fly around the […]

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