Top 10 Travel Instagrammers To Follow

We all need a little dose of daily wanderlust in our lives. It’s what gets us through those Monday morning commutes. So, just for you, we’ve selected the Top 10 travel Instagrammers that will have you packing your bags before you can click like! Check out these beauties below… 1. @theblondeabroad 2. @expertvagabond 3. @polkadotpassport […]

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Is travelling a cure for heart break?

Whether it’s from the end of a relationship or the loss of a loved one having your heartbroken, put quite simply, SUCKS and as much as I wish it could, this blog post can’t fix that! But hopefully, we can ease the pain a little and give you a spark of inspiration. If you are […]

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5 ways to celebrate the 4th of July!

It’s the 4th of July, so it’s time to celebrate! Here are the top 5 ways we’ll be celebrating with our American friends today. 1. Hitting up the beach via GIPHY 2. FIREWORKS! via GIPHY 3. Barbeques with WAY too many hot dogs via GIPHY 4. Pool parties with all your friends via GIPHY 5. […]

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Strange and Romantic Love Traditions From Around the World

  Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – the time of year when we treat our sweethearts to chocolate, flowers and other treats in order to show them how much we love them. These Valentine’s Day traditions are typical for our culture, but what about love and romance in different parts of the world? What are […]

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Why you don’t need the lottery to travel.

“I could certainly become a full-time traveller now!” These wise words were spoken by an anonymous Melbourne man who won 20 million dollars in a lottery in August 2016. True that, Mr anonymous Melbourne man! Just imagine what you could do with all that money… Hire a private jet (handsome pilot included!) and fly around the […]

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