Which Australian City Should You Travel To?

Australia may look small on the map, but it’s actually a very large and diverse country. With six states, two territories and five major cities (plus several smaller ones), deciding where to go and what to do while you’re in Australia can be tricky. That’s why we’re here to break it down for you and […]

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Where to find the best international food in Melbourne

Who says you have to travel overseas to find authentic pho or munch on pizza just like in Naples? Sure, there’s no beating the original, but Melbourne sure has some spots that get pretty close! Here are 5 places where you’ll find some seriously tasty food from all around the world. And the best thing […]

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What to expect: Autopia Tours Yarra Valley Wine Tour

Is there anything better than a wine tour? Especially when it’s through Melbourne’s stunning Yarra Valley region and complete with local produce tastings, a gourmet lunch and even a game of bocce! Last Friday the Backpacker Deals team were lucky enough to embark on Autopia’s Yarra Valley Wine Tour. We tried strawberry liquors and preserves […]

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 Yui Yamamoto によって翻訳された 1.他のビーチに感動できなくなる via GIPHY オーストラリアにはBondiやWhitehavenなど美しいビーチで溢れています。その中でも、ギネスに認定された“世界一白いHyams Beach”は他のビーチと比べものにならないぐらい美しい…!! 2. 巨大な岩マニアになる via GIPHY オーストラリアの見所はなんといっても巨大な一枚岩。“Uluru”で有名な“Red Centre”の真ん中に位置する赤い砂岩の一枚岩は、550万年以上オーストラリアの先住民族のアボリジニの聖地で知られています。 3. オーストラリア以外のコーヒーはもの足りなくなる via GIPHY Melbourneのコーヒー文化は “Next Level”...

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10 FREE ways to experience Melbourne

Marvellous Melbourne was voted the world’s most liveable city not just once – but SIX times you guys! That’s pretty good going. But for me what makes a place liveable is the stuff you can do without blowing your hard earned cash. Here are our top 10 FREE things to do while you’re in Melbourne. […]

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