5 FREE things to do in Rotorua

So, you’re in Rotorua, sulphur city of New Zealand! Perhaps you’ve already embarked on the epic Tamaki Maori Village cultural experience, got your heart racing on a white water rafting adventure and gone crazy on a ZORB ride or maybe you’ve just explored the Hell’s Gate Geothermal park… but now your wondering what to do […]

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Yui Yamamoto によって翻訳された  1. ホビットに変身するリスクがある via GIPHY 『ロード・オブ・ザ・リング』3部作と『ホビット』シリーズが撮影されたホビトンムービーセットに実際に訪問することができます。そこに訪問すると、今まで見たことがないぐらい可愛いらしいセットが広がっているため、あなたはそこに引っ越し永遠にそこで暮らすことになるでしょう。 2. 他のバーガーじゃもの足りなくなる ニュージーランド南島に位置するQueens Townは世界でも特に人気なハンバーガー店、the Fergburger (ファーグバーガー)があります。あなたの顔と同じぐらいの大きさで肉汁が溢れ出るバーガーは、まさにバーガー界のDaddy!!よだれが出るようなメニューからChief Wiggumバーガーをぜひ選んでみてください。絶対後悔はさせません! 3....

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5 motivii per NON visitare la Nuova Zelanda

Tradotto da: Elisa Paganoni 1. Correrete il rischio di diventare un Hobbit. via GIPHY Potete visitare il set della famosissima saga del Signore degli Anelli e della trilogia del film Lo Hobbit per davvero. E, credetemi, non c’è nulla di più bello! Così bello che vorrete trasferirvici direttamente e vivere in una delle piccole abitazioni […]

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Having just spent the weekend in Queenstown and with quite frankly too many activities to choose from, I’ve decided to narrow down the list. So here are my top 3 adrenaline activities, ranging from the slightly hair-raising to mildly terrifying… and no, eating a Ferburger in under 30 seconds is not one of them! NUMBER […]

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Kaikoura – Where wildlife reigns supreme

It’s rare thing for a construction worker to give you a smile, particularly if you’re a gangling male like myself. Therefore you can understand my confusion when all 28 of them flashed their pearly whites at me as we weaved our way through the mountains to Kaikoura. Traffic lights, safety cones and excavators line the […]

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Is New Zealand expensive for backpackers?

Earlier this year, it cost $7.49 to buy a single avocado in New Zealand. Yes, ONE. That’s the equivalent of £4 or €4.50. For the same price you could buy yourself 12 pints of beer in Panama, 24 Kit Kats in India, or even 4kg of Spaghetti in Italy. Personally, the idea of eating and […]

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5 Reasons NOT to visit New Zealand

1. You’re at risk of turning into a Hobbit. You can actually go and visit the Hobbiton movie set from the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy and Hobbit films. And OMG, is it just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen! So cute in fact, that you’ll want to move in and live in one […]

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New Zealand is more than just Kiwis and Hobbits

We all know a New Zealander, and we all know that they’re usually confident their country is the best in the world. Having travelled here twice and now lived here for 9 months, I must say, I can see their point. Of course, they’re fairly good at rugby, they have quite endearing accents and little […]

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